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Be a Gracious Guest.

I just learned about this a couple of weeks ago… 

Often when I get to the Sunday mass late (during Homily, or worse, after the Offertory), I get distracted more easily. I stay quiet and pray, as I wouldn’t understand the gospel anyway, and stay on for a bit after the mass ends.

I also don’t take the Holy Communion. It has just been my practice (and my family’s) ever since. I feel that it’s inappropriate. Until One Sunday….


I was at our Ministry’s reunion when I had to run errands, not figuring that the mass was already about to begin. When I got back, I reached the final part of the Homily. During the Communion, I didn’t fall in line. At the end of the mass, I was asked by a good friend – someone I really consider my big sister, Beng: Why didn’t you take the communion? I simply said, “It’s embarrassing, I just reached the end of the Homily…”

Then she went on describing she was the same as me in the past. But then someone shared with her that the Mass is similar to a feast which God prepares for us each Sunday. The food we will partake is His son, Jesus. Isn’t it disrespectful for someone to come in late and not partake on the feast that was prepared by the Host? There’s a reason why it is called the “Eucharistic Celebration”. 

Still, this isn’t an excuse to be late each time. Of course, being a gracious guest means valuing the effort and hospitality of the host — being on time shows eagerness to be part of the wonderful event. Here are other ways to be a GRACIOUS GUEST 🙂

– Arrive when you say you’ll arrive.

– Be clear in communicating your plans with your Host. Talking and listening is the key.

– Respect your Host’s home and privacy.

– Be flexible and adaptive. Not all homes have airconditioning and comfy chairs. You may also be served food you do not like – but it does not mean you don’t have to be appreciative of what your host can offer you.

– Keep yourself neat, clean and presentable.

– Say thank you, twice.

– Always remember the hospitality your host has given you.


Food for your Sunday thought.