Less of me, More of God

Even Just for Today….

Let whatever you do today be enough.

Let go of the judgement you have about what you should be or could be doing, and today, allow yourself to simply be.

Comparing yourself and your journey may be habitual, but it gets you nowhere. It makes you feel worse and keeps you stuck.

Stop fixating on where everyone else is, and start giving yourself permission to be exactly where you are.

Quiet the voice telling you to do more and be more, and trust that in this moment, who you are, where you are at and what you are doing is enough.

You will get where you need to be in your own time.

Until then, breathe. Breathe and be patient with yourself and your process.

You are doing your best you can to cope and survive amid your struggles, and that’s all you can ask of yourself. It is enough.

You are enough.

– Danielle Koepke

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